Better late than never. Södertälje channel and lock passage.

We started our journey on Saturday at 18:30 from Eneby harbour close to Järna in Sweden. It is Evelin, Indrek and Rein-Martin on board of Lyra’s Star. Almost like a year before, except that Rein-Martin had not been born just yet, he was still in my belly.

To prepare for this long journey took us much more time than expected, but better late than never. Now we are waiting for the last possibility to pass Södertälje lock passage, that will take us from the Baltic Sea to Mälare lake.

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Södertälje channel is the shortest way from our home harbour to Stockholm. It was first used as a seaway already by the vikings, then rolling the boats on wooden logs. It was partly built as a channel in 1400, and in its full lenght, that is 2,8 miles, was opened in 1819. Hundred years later there was a big renovation and in 1924 the cannel and lock passage as we know it today was opened by the Swedish king Gustav V.

Ca 3000 cargo ships and 9000 smaller boats pass Södertälje lock passage every year. We were fallowed by a huge cargo ship “Jan D”. It took more than a minute and a half for it to slowly pass us and glide through the gates.

The weather is kind, there is nearly no wind and rain, and it is warm. We even saw a rainbow when leaving our home bay near Ytterjärna. It is almost dark by now. We have been night steaming in these waters many times before, so we’ll find our way. The plan is to anchor besides Ekerö in the same place as a year before so we just follow our earlier track.

Rein-Martin is sleeping and Indrek put the cattle on. It is our turn soon, so I have to go.


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